Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Ecommerce Marketing

Setup & Management of E-commerce PPC Ads

Display banner ads, product ads & video ads

Listing Audit to increase Sales and Page Ranking

Analysis, Tracking & monitoring performance

E-commerce presence is essential for any brand. We will work on not only ensuring your brand’s presence & share of voice but also work on increasing sales and reducing ACOS. Our online eCommerce marketing & management services cover the following

  1. Ads account Setup & Management
  2. Brand ads, product ads & video ads
  3. Listing Audit to increase Sales
  4. Analysis & Tracking

Ad Setup Procedure

  1. Grouping your product Categories (to reduce competition)
  2. Identifying the right keywords for your categories by doing keyword research
  3. Setting up campaigns – Brand Campaigns, Generic Campaigns & Competitor Campaigns
  4. Please note that creatives for video ads (if available in your region) and brand ads need to be provided by the brands based on the requirements