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Performance Marketing

Past Campaign Audit

Ideal Business Strategy

Campaign Execution & Analysis

Landing Page Analysis

Looking for a performance expert to grow your business with the right ROI? Then you’ve come to the right place. With out performance marketing services, we first understand the business and the industry of the brand and do a detailed research before finalising a business strategy that would work and implementing it using Facebook and google ads

  1. Past Campaign Analysis
  2. Ideal Business Strategy
  3. Campaign Execution
  4. Landing Page Analysis
  5. Analysis & Tracking


Past Campaign Analysis

  • Metrics – CPM, CTR, CVR, Frequency, Cost per Order
  • Campaign Setup Structure
  • Frequency in 30 days & in 7 days
  • Creative analysis – Images, Videos & Copies
  • Areas of Improvement
  • What has worked Well
  • External Competitor analysis

Ideal Business Strategy

Campaign Set Up: Campaign Setup includes Remarketing and Acquisition Campaigns with the goal of conversion
The brand must provide the creatives

Landing Page Analysis

  • Includes Landing page analysis
  • User Flow Suggestions