3 Steps to Start Your Own Influencer Marketing Agency and earn money online 

With the rise of Influencer Marketing, a lot of brands are looking to sign up Influencers. In this time one can start and successfully scale their own influencer marketing agency in a few simple steps! 

3 steps to starting your own Influencer Marketing Agency 

Find Influencers & Get their Rates 

For an Influencer Marketing Agency, having a list of Influencer is most crucial. These Influencers will be the ones who would get you the business you need. Not all influencers have to be the likes of Mr Beast or PewDiePie. Start small and collect a bunch of nano Influencers whom you can use. 

Why nano influencers? These Influencers will be easy to sign up and have great engagement rates. 

Read more about nano influencers and other influencer marketing terms here 

To find Influencers, simply go to Instagram or YouTube and search brand names, ‘how to’ queries, and other keywords. Searching brand names or visiting the brand profiles tagged section on Instagram is the most effective way to find influencers as they have already worked with a brand and are aware of the concept of Influencer Marketing. 

Record all the Influencers which you find in an excel sheet and capture details like email, genre, channel/profile link, etc. 

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Influencer Outreach 

Once you have collated a list of two hundred to three hundred nano influencers, start reaching out to them via email or Instagram DM. Ensure that you have a business email ID and not a Gmail.com email. An example of the email could be partner@businessname.com 

For Influencer outreach – ensure you make customised messages to increase your response rate. Tell the influencers that you have a couple of brands that are looking to collaborate with nano influencers and if they are interested then can they share more details. 

Once more details are received like their rates, etc. Simply add them to the excel sheet as well. 

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Reach out to brands with a personalised plan 

Once you have a list of at least a hundred influencers who are ready to collaborate, start emailing brands. Finding brands is not difficult, just click on ads on Instagram and start collecting their email addresses. You can also search for these brands using eCommerce portals. 

Send the brands an email stating what you can do for them and a personalised plan.  

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Coordinate with the Influencers and the Brands 

Once a brand shows interest, send them a list of Influencers along with their rates. Based on whom they select, take the advanced payment and share collaboration details with the influencers. This would include the product they promote, the campaign details etc. Ensure that the brand sends the free products directly to the influencer for a collaboration. 

These are three simple steps to start your own influencer one-man agency and earn money. This can also be a completely virtual job. 

Few Things you need to know before you get started with your own Influencer Agency 

  1. Use Business Assets: As mentioned earlier, ensure you use a business email specially to outreach to brands. You can also create a simple one-page website using google sites. 
  1. Clear Communication: Ensure you always have clear communication between brands and influencers. Whatever pointers are discussed always get them in writing and confirmed as a sometimes the influencers and brands and change their mind and this can act as proof 
  1. How do You Earn? You can either charge a flat fee or commission. An example would be 10% commission for influencer budget of $2000 per brand or flat fee of $200 for budget below $2000 
  1. How much to pay the influencers? Based on number of views or engagement rate you can pay the influencers. Nano influencers can also be convinced for barter (free product) collaboration and would not need any monitory compensation. They could also start with rates as low as $50 

In conclusion, one can start their own influencer agency from the comfort of their home using the aforementioned steps.

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