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How to make the best of your negative ratings on Amazon?

If you have a lesser than 3.5 stars rating on Amazon or any other eCommerce website, then this article will help you understand how to make the best use of poor ratings and still have good sales. 

Remove Negative Reviews 

The easiest and most effective way to improve ratings is to reduce negative ratings, which affect your overall average. You can request a rating removal from amazon seller central by raising a case. This would not only keep your weighted average rating healthy but also prevent any adverse effects on your sales.  

Amazon can remove ratings for the following reasons. 

  1. Delivery, packing issues – if not handled by the seller but by Amazon 
  2. Foul Language 
  3. Irrelevant review 

Even if your negative review doesn’t fall in these categories, try raising a case to be on the safer side. These cases can act as proof in the future in case of amazon flags the seller account for unfounded policy violations. 

Get Positive Reviews 

Getting positive inorganic reviews is very important and should be a continuous activity on Amazon, especially if you want your business to grow. Here is an article highlighting three ways, namely Product Insert, Ask for Reviews using Amazon, Instagram Influencers, to get positive reviews along with examples

Ensure first page reviews are Positive 

Amazon’s algorithm ensures the most engaged and marked as “helpful” reviews are displayed on its first page. Even though the product rating is decent, if it has negative reviews on its first page, then the product conversion rate would be drastically affected, affecting the sales and your product ranking.  

To get positive reviews on the first page, the seller can get reviewers to mark positive reviews as “helpful”. This could be done by either getting your peers to help you, working with an agency or even collaborating with nano influencers. 

Simultaneously, raise cases for the negative reviews on the first page and try your best to get them taken down. 

Make Listing or product changes. 

Once the seller starts getting a good number of reviews, these reviews need to be analysed for any continuous issues faced by the customer. This issue could be related to packaging, product, price, etcetera. The changes can be fixed by either making changes to the product page to make communication clearer or by making changes in the product or the packaging. 

An example is users complaining about receiving smaller sized paintings. In such a case, the seller can add the dimensions in the image and compare it against the average height of a person so that users get the right idea of the size. 

Create a new listing 

If you have not started doing this, you need to start this as soon as possible. It is very crucial to have a backup ASIN created for each product, especially if you are the manufacturer/brand of the product. Amazon often keeps facing compliance issues, and in such a case, they suppress the ASIN first and then ask questions later. This can impact the sales of that product and in such a case, having a backup ASIN is the saving grace. 

Apart from this, if your product has received a lot of negative reviews and getting positive reviews is getting more expensive, then create a new ASIN and start building positive reviews on it. 

By making these changes, you will be able to improve your rating and also reduce the adverse impact on your sales. Checkout this article for tried and tested methods to get positive reviews 

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