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As a company grows, it becomes very important to figure out the right strategy across different marketing channels. In this article we will cover the budget split for a D2C brand or an eCommerce brand across various platforms like Facebook, Google and other platforms for performance marketing, that is, the goal is sales and not branding. 

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Different Marketing Channels/ Platforms 

For a D2C/ Ecommerce brand – there are a few digital marketing options which can be leveraged to generate sales. 

  1. Google Search & Shopping Ads 
  2. Facebook Ads 
  3. Google Video Ads 
  4. Influencer Marketing 
  5. Ecommerce Platform Ads 
  6. Affiliate Marketing 
  7. Snapchat Ads 
  8. TikTok Ads 
  9. Twitter Ads  
  10. OTT Ads 
  11. Other smaller platform Ads 

All the aforesaid channels can be used to drive sales on your website. However, based on your target audience, the brand must select the relevant channels. For example, a brand targeting the elderly, must not select TikTok as their platform as the platform caters to young adults and teens. 

Split of Budget Across Facebook, Google, Ecommerce Ads and Others 

The split used by most brands would be close to  

  • 50% of the spends on Meta Ads 
  • 35% of the spends on Google Search & Shopping 
  • 10% of spends on Ecommerce Portal Ads and 
  • 5% of the spends on trials 

These spends split are mostly for performance-driven campaigns which are targeted to get sales. 

If the brand is built on more generic search terms wherein the competition is not high and there is a chance for the brand to rank, then the spending on Google Search & Shopping and Ecommerce portal will increase and Facebook would mostly be used for remarketing. 

  • 20% of the spends on Meta Ads 
  • 50% of the spends on Google Search & Shopping 
  • 25% of spends on Ecommerce Portal Ads and 
  • 5% of the spends on trials 

These performance budgets would further be divided between Acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. 

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