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Retention & Acquisition: What is the ideal Budget for marketing 

For any business, whether online or offline, having an acquisition and retention strategy is very important. In this article, we will understand what should be the ideal retention and acquisition budget mix for any business.  Retention & Acquisition Meaning  Acquisition means getting new customers to your business and retention means reaching out to existing customers […]

How to make the best of your negative ratings on Amazon?

If you have a lesser than 3.5 stars rating on Amazon or any other eCommerce website, then this article will help you understand how to make the best use of poor ratings and still have good sales.  Remove Negative Reviews  The easiest and most effective way to improve ratings is to reduce negative ratings, which […]

How to Structure Meta Campaigns in May 2022 – Facebook campaigns not working. 

Many businesses that are running Meta Ads (previously known as Facebook ads) are seeing diminishing returns in 2022. One of the major reasons for this is because of iOS tracking and Facebook changes from their end. In this article, we will cover how these businesses can recover from this loss on their Facebook portal and […]

3 Steps to Start Your Own Influencer Marketing Agency and earn money online 

With the rise of Influencer Marketing, a lot of brands are looking to sign up Influencers. In this time one can start and successfully scale their own influencer marketing agency in a few simple steps!  3 steps to starting your own Influencer Marketing Agency  Find Influencers & Get their Rates  For an Influencer Marketing Agency, […]

How to Increase Reviews and Ratings on Amazon in 2023? Tried and Tested 

Reviews play an important role for buyers to make a purchase decision. Amazon, like any other marketplace, also holds this true. Hence for a seller, ensuring that they are getting good reviews is very important. This article will cover how to get reviews and ratings on your eCommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc.  Ideal […]

Amazon Hygiene Checklist | The Must-Haves to increase your sale and Rank on Amazon with Examples

Amazon, like Google and Bing, is also a search engine. If a brand or seller wants to establish themselves on Amazon, they cannot achieve this by simply spending money on Amazon ads. It is essential to have a few things to boost eCommerce sales. Many sellers might not pay much attention to these amazon must-haves; […]

How To Increase and Improve Influencer Marketing Conversion Rate?

Influencer Marketing Conversion Rate would depend a lot on your industry, pricing and user journey flow. The highest impact though would be the influencer’s integration in their post or video. It would depend on how well they are calling out the problem and placing the brand as a solution. Apart from this the website user […]

Ideal Customer Acquisition Strategy for an Online Business 

Today a lot of direct to consumers (D2C) businesses are emerging as online sales are increasing. It is projected that ecommerce sales will increase by 16% in the USA in 2022.[1]  Work from home has given this industry a huge increase and offline retailers have also started seeing the benefits of moving online. Due to […]

Ideal Influencer Marketing Strategy for a D2C Business 

Influencer Marketing is a great way to build credibility and trust for new upcoming D2C brands. With the right Influencer Marketing Strategy, one might see a boost in all the important metrics of the brand. However, influencer marketing can also deliver ROI less than 1 if not planned or implemented well.   Overview of the Influencer […]

Influencer Marketing: Pros and Cons | Is It Suitable For Your Business?

Be it Youtube, Instagram, snapchat, tiktok or Facebook, these days a lot of brands are leveraging these platforms; and lots of people are getting aware of the term “influencer marketing” so let’s understand what it is exactly and if it is the correct strategy for your In this article we will go over the following […]